Sunday, April 23, 2006
Subversive Knitting

Knitting has become subversive, "in". Clandestine clickers creating knitting boutiques on the fringes of boho 'hoods. Toronto is the epicentre of drop stitch cool, see here

Now guerilla Knitting is transforming public space with disruptive yarn, ironically tagging objects to make a rather twee kind of graffiti (see here and pic)

Perhaps it's the circle of cool turning. ("Circle of Cool Theory" is Eddie Izzard's axis for plotting cool things to uncool things, the idea being it is not linear but circular and the line between 'unfathomably unhip' and 'so trendy it hurts' is miniscule. Just think how 70s geek chic went from bad to good in one fickle revolution from not to hot)

Part of the nexus of 21st century knitting must be a nostalgic backlash against the irrepressible rise of technology, an individualistic want to create beyond cooker-cutter manufacturing that extends to identity-making.

Anyhoo, subversive knitting reminds me of this great Gondry video: