Thursday, May 18, 2006
Too many options...
Great new book, the Paradox of Choice. It considers the 'analysis paralysis' of our developed economy with its plethora of brand choice and social possibility.

"Everyone agrees that having choice is better than not having choice. It seems evident that if choice is good, then more choice is better. The paradox is that this "obvious" truth isn't true. It turns out that a point can be reached where, with more choice, people are worse off.

People can't ignore options - they have to pay attention to them. If they make a choice, is there another choice would have been better? There's more effort put into making decisions, and less in enjoying them. What's nagging is the possibility that, if they had chosen differently, they could have gotten something better."

The effect on today's youth, the so-called quarter life crisis, the panic and procratination surrounding 'settling down' is specifically considered in this article from the UK's Social Issues research centre called 'Lifeshopping'.

More on the Paradox of Choice:

Most importantly, learn that "good enough is good enough." It's what I call "satisficing" in the book. You don't need the best; probably never do. On rare occasions it's worth struggling to find the best. But generally it makes life simpler if you settle with "good enough."

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