Friday, June 09, 2006
10 Faces of Innovation
More Ideo thinking. This time about how to get beyond the nay-saying of the devil's advocate and consider the different personas/roles it takes to inspire, generate great ideas and execute them.

It reminds me of De Bono's 6 hats a bit (the devil's advocate being mr Black Hat, well, sort-of)

Anyway, here are those 10 faces of innovation:
(last 3 are most planner-ish, but of course, this is about being comfortable with role switching)

Hear author Tom Kelley talk these through here.

The Organizing Personas

1. The Hurdler
is a tireless problem-solver who gets a charge out of tackling something that's never been done before with the smarts to sidestep any red tape or negativity.

2. The Collaborator
is the rare person who truly values the team and is inspired to get the best out of them,

3. The Director
, what a collaborator becomes when they are at the top of their game.

The Building Personas

4. The Experience Architect
is that person relentlessly focused on creating remarkable individual experiences. This person facilitates positive encounters with your organization through products, services, digital interactions, spaces, or events. Whether an architect or a sushi chef, the Experience Architect maps out how to turn something ordinary into something distinctive—even delightful—every chance they get.

5. The Set Designer
is focused on how to best manage the workspace to foster a creative culture.

6. The Storyteller captures our imagination with compelling narratives of initiative, hard work, and innovation.

7. The Caregiver guides the client through the process to provide them with a comfortable, human-centered experience.

The Learning Personas

8. The Anthropologist, observe how people interact ion the real world.

9. The Experimenter
. A calculated risk-taker, a prototyper and arch collaboprator and poker-around-er.

10. The Cross-Pollinator
draws associations and connections between seemingly unrelated ideas or concepts to break new ground.