Sunday, July 30, 2006
Bob Deutsch's cognitive anthropology
Dr bob deutsch @ 2006 AAAA conference

People - never consumers

What is this person's 'self story' ? How do they see/structure me, others & the world themselves? How do they see 'others'? How do they divide the world when it comes to other people? (Harley Davidson - other people thwart me) What is their e(montionally based) logic?

A brand helps me become more of myself, to maximise myself. Great brands are loyal to people's stories :

"Brand is not name recognition, brand is not even positive attributes. Brand is something very specific that the consumer produces. The advertiser doesn't and can't and shouldn't. Brand is this: Brand is when a person creates -- the word I like to use is designs -- a metonymic link between their own self-story and the story of a product, such that to be loyal to the product is a misnomer. It's loyalty to the self."

How do they structure time? "subjective time" What are their rhythms? (how are they segmenting time, the occasion, today, this week, lifetime) Note where/when 'change' is happening...(Could you get repondents to 'draw' this freehand ?)

Yellow Brick Road - How can your brand make someone's 'self story' journey, easier or better. Note change the direction but uniquely compliment it.

What's the cultural moment of today's world - too fast, too complicated, too competitive...

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