Wednesday, July 19, 2006
How customers think
haven't read this book...yet...which connects the latest development in 'mind' science to the practise of marketing.

The book exposes 6 common fallacies:

FALACY 1: Consumers Think in a Well-Reasoned or Rational, Linear Way
FALACY 2: Consumers Can Readily Explain Their Thinking and Behavior
FALACY 3: Consumers Minds, Brains, Bodies and Surrounding Culture and Society Can Be Adequately Studies Independently of One Another
FALACY 4: Consumers Memories Accurately Represent Their Experiences
FALACY 5: Consumers Think in Words
FALACY 6: Consumers Can be “Injected” with Company Messages and Will Interpret These Messages as Marketers Intend

Must save the pennies and get this is in...