Tuesday, October 03, 2006
THE creative brief
Russell D is calling for the good and the great to share their ideas of the perfect creative brief here.

The TBWA 'disruption' version is overtly trying to force the planner to dump the cliches in the search for a new approach but i wonder whether section 1 is a bit of a flabby to really define the issue ? (From the comments section) :

1. Tell me the problem / opportunity / background.
2. How do people conventionally try to address /communicate the issue?
3. What's the consumer / industry insight that would drive us to think differently?
4. So, what is the Disruptive thought which will help to solve the issue?
5. Support / truth?
6. Who are we trying to persuade with this thought?
7. What's the tone?
8. Suggested channels to reach them?
9. Sacred cows?